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Founded in 2019 in Cimahi, Ikan Asin Production strives to make Indonesian games, made by Indonesian developers for Indonesian people. The name Ikan Asin itself was inspired by our belief that "I can!" or "I can!" and also by the menu that we often had to eat during the beginning of our struggle, salted fish (ikan asin).


​Ikan Asin Production is a game developer that specializes in producing games that are light but have deep stories that touch the players' daily lives. We dedicate ourselves to making games that can touch the hearts and minds of our players. We love interacting with our community and are inspired by our players.


August 2022

Included in the collection of games made in Indonesia, Google's August edition

April 2023

Included in the collection of games made in Indonesia, Google's August edition

April 2023
Number 1 of 3 best games for bocil by Windah Basudara & @teamrrq

August 2023

Interviewed and promoted by Google Play Store: 4 Local Really cool games version of @googleindonesiaAugust

October 2023

Speaker "Improving the quality of human resources in the gaming sub-sector" by KEMENPAREKRAF

January 2024

Including 9 startups from more than 260 startups throughout Indonesia who passed the 9th batch of Next Dev Academy under Telkomsel


Banu Andaru Adhimuka

15 years of experience in the game development environment. 10 years of game development startup experience

Musthika Dwitiya Laksmiwati

4 years of experience in managing and creating content for a YouTube channel with 500,000 subscribers

Kelvin Julian

4 years experience in AI models and machine learning. 2 years as a programming olympiad mentor.

Leo Sumana
Lead Programmer

10 years of experience in SaaS development, game development and software management

Yang Yang
Lead Programmer

5 years experience in NFT, Crypto, Multiplayer and
VR programming

Wilda Mardhatillah
Creative Director

3 years of experience in leading teams and creating interactive media

Emily Susilo
Project Manager

3 years of experience as a professional story writer and translator. 2 years experience as a professional illustrator

Hanna Adinda
Lead Illustrator

5 years of experience as a digital painter, concept artist, character designer, and background artist


Bagus Darmawan

Digital scholarship recipient, gaming technology graduate student

Agung Gunawan

VR-based in-game experience and education, multiple gamejam winner

Alexius Andrianno

VP of Raion Game Development Community, national gamejam winner

Mustika Wijayanti

5 years experience as an illustrator and pixel artist

Alvita Joe

ITB Cumlaude, Head of the Organizational Illustration Division


Zenh Coldez
Social Media Manager

2 years of experience in international community and social media management


Game Designer

Gaming fanatic. Game Application and Technology Major

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